About Us

Who we are

The Government of Canada has committed to supporting innovative public infrastructure projects, using the Public-Private Partnership (P3) model that deliver maximum value for Canadians, stimulate the economy, create jobs and support long-term prosperity. To this end, it created PPP Canada, a federal Crown corporation, with an independent Board of Directors. The Corporation became operational in February 2009 with the appointments of a Chair of the Board of Directors and a Chief Executive Officer.

PPP Canada Inc. is a federal parent Crown corporation named in Part I of Schedule III of the Financial Administration Act and was incorporated pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act. PPP Canada Inc. reports to Parliament through the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

Our mandate

Our mandate is to improve the delivery of public infrastructure by achieving better value, timeliness and accountability to taxpayers, through P3s.

Our goal is to deliver more P3s by leveraging incentives, demonstrating success, providing expertise and by promoting P3 best practices and capacity building.

What we do

PPP Canada acts as a leading source of expertise on P3 matters through knowledge development and sharing. Specifically, we provide expertise and advice in assessing and executing P3 opportunities at the federal level as well as leveraging greater value for money from Government of Canada investments in provincial, territorial, municipal and First Nations infrastructure through the P3 Canada Fund.