Biosolids Management Facility (Greater Sudbury, ON)

Project Description

The project will include the construction of a centralized wastewater sludge treatment and bisolids end-product storage facility at the existing Sudbury Wastewater treatment plant.

The P3 contract will allow the City of Greater Sudbury to transfer the risks associated with the construction and operation of the facility to the private sector.  The P3 model will provide an estimated Value for Money savings of $11.1 million compared to a traditional procurement.

Once selected, the preferred proponent will be required to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Biosolids Management Facility. The private sector proponent will be responsible for financing project costs during construction and either provide financing or a letter of credit over the term of the operating contract.

The new facility will respond to the current restraints placed on Greater Sudbury's disposal practices; build an environmentally responsible and sustainable plant that is safe to all surrounding communities and residents; and deliver a long-term, modern approach to wastewater management.

Project Information

Federal funding : $11.00 Million

Procurement Model : Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain (20 - year concession term)

P3 Canada Fund Infrastructure Category : Wastewater Infrastructure