Transparency and Accountability

PPP Canada is committed to transparent and accountable business practices. 

To meet our responsibilities to Canadians, we are proud to provide wide access to information about our activities and the way we manage public resources.

PPP Canada is required to submit an annual five-year corporate plan to the Canadian government outlining:

  • its objects and purposes;
  • its objectives for the five-year period of the plan; and
  • its expected performance for the five-year period of the plan.
  •

    As a Crown corporation, PPP Canada is accountable to Parliament and the Canadian public. Our Annual Reports are the primary means by which we report to Parliament, detailing our mandate, achievements, and financial position.


    The Financial Administration Act requires that all departments and parent Crown corporations prepare and make public a quarterly financial report within 60 days after the end of the corporation's fiscal quarter to which the report relates for the first three fiscal quarters of the fiscal year.


    As a Crown corporation, PPP Canada is responsible to the Canadian public. PPP Canada holds Annual Public Meetings to share information on our operations and activities, and to solicit feedback from the public.