P3 Project Development

All applications to the P3 Canada Fund are screened against the eligibility and merit requirements, with the objective of identifying projects that demonstrate the greatest potential to advance the objectives of the Fund. 

Applications that are screened-in will then enter the project development phase where applicants will be required to work with PPP Canada and external advisors to prepare a P3 Business Case (eg. Market Sounding, Risk and Financial Analyses). The completed P3 Business Case will then be subject to an investment analysis for potential review by PPP Canada’s Board of Directors. After this review, the Board of Directors will make a recommendation to the Minister of Finance outlining whether or not the project merits a contribution from the P3 Canada Fund.

PPP Canada has developed a number of tools to guide applicants through the project development phase:

P3 Business Case Development Guide

  • PPP Canada has developed this P3 Business Case Development Guide to assist project sponsors in developing and submitting comprehensive and robust P3 business cases in support of their funding application.

Schematic Design Estimate Guide

  • Because P3 projects encourage design innovation and integration, only minimal design work is undertaken by public authorities ahead of procurement. This means that the resulting cost estimates carry significant contingencies to account for variance. This guide highlights industry best practices aimed at achieving a high degree of accuracy. 

Project Development Fund

  • The Project Development Fund, available to some screened-in applicants, is designed to develop applicants’ internal capacity, stimulate strong P3 projects in new jurisdictions and deepen the pool of resources PPP Canada can offer to its applicants for use in future procurements.

    For more information, please consult our Project Development Funding Brochure [PDF, 274.9 KB].

    To date, the Project Development Fund has supported the following initiatives:
Project Name Location Amount
Biosolids Management Facility Greater Sudbury, ON $235,000
Saint John Safe Clean Drinking Water Saint John, NB $60,000
Regina Bypass Regina, SK $497,000