Screening and Advisory Services

Large-scale P3 infrastructure projects are complex, long-term investments. Though P3s can deliver better value to taxpayers, this is only possible when they are correctly developed and effectively executed. 

In addition to the advice and support provided to our P3 Canada Fund applicants, PPP Canada has developed specialized advisory services oriented toward federal departments and agencies as well as other levels of government who have submitted applications to the New Building Canada Fund.

To fully realize the potential P3s offer to all levels of government, new and specialized expertise is required on the part of both the public and private sectors. As the Government of Canada’s centre of expertise, PPP Canada is dedicated to building a base of specialized knowledge and best practices, and sharing this expertise with governments seeking to pursue this innovative approach.

Our P3 expertise comes from diverse practical experience, working with leading practitioners, and staying abreast of developments in a continuously evolving market. The Corporation has been directly involved as an investor or advisor in over $3 billion worth of P3 projects. We have worked closely with the leading provincial P3 agencies, learning from their experiences and drawing on their best practices; we have established a strong network within the private sector; and we are guided by a Board of Directors with significant P3 experience.

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