Procurement Options Analysis

Building Canada Fund applications which, through the P3 screening process, have been found to demonstrate P3 potential, will be required to undertake a Procurement Options Analysis (POA) with the support of PPP Canada and Infrastructure Canada.

PPP Canada will share associated costs with applicants who qualify for a POA.

What is a Procurement Options Analysis?

A POA supports the choice of delivery approach. It describes, examines and compares the traditional procurement delivery model, a P3 delivery model, and other alternatives for the delivery of infrastructure, to determine which option offers best Value for Money. 

A POA includes the following sections:

  • A shortlisting of procurement options;
  • A qualitative analysis;
  • A quantitative analysis; and 
  • An integrated recommendation.

An optimal delivery option is selected by subjecting the shortlisted procurement options to qualitative and quantitative examinations and determining which option best meets the identified criteria.

For more information about the POA process, please consult our POA Guide, or contact us

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