Bitcoin Casino Canada

During the last few years, Bitcoin has become one of the greatest newsmakers in the financial field as well as in the field of day-to-day payments in Canada. For example, many players choose cryptocurrencies as their main way to deposit for online gambling at Canadian bitcoin casinos.

What is a Bitcoin Payment System and How Can it Be Used?

Let’s start from the very beginning and make clear what is bitcoin in general. Bitcoin is a new generation of decentralized digital currency created and working on the Internet. No one controls it. The emission of currency occurs through the work of millions of computers worldwide using a program for calculating mathematical algorithms. This is what Bitcoin is all about. The main principles and basis of this innovative cryptocurrency are the following:

  • Decentralization
  • Ease of use
  • Anonymity
  • Transparency
  • Low commissions
  • Transaction speed
  • Irreversible transactions

When speaking about online gambling, Bitcoin has become a more and more popular method of payment at casinos in general and at Bitcoin casino Canada in particular. Many people choose this innovative currency due to the huge list of different reasons. Every player has his own ground to gamble with Bitcoin. There is a number of objective features that make cryptocurrency an ideal payment method. 

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Bitcoin’s main advantages

Somebody chooses Visa, somebody chooses MasterCard, and somebody chooses cash. But nowadays, more and more people choose Bitcoin not only as an investment but also as a payment method for day-to-day purposes. The main advantages of Bitcoin are rooted in its basic principles:


The Bitcoin network does not have a central control body: it is distributed to all participants and each computer that mines Bitcoins is an equal participant in this system. Thus, unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin isn’t controlled by some authority. One of such decentralized structure advantages is the ability to work stably even in case of going offline on some of the network’s parts. 

Ease of use

Opening an account at a bank is quite difficult, and one may be refused without explanation. There are no such problems with Bitcoin. It will take you five minutes to create a Bitcoin wallet and start using it right away. No questions asked, no commissions


Yes yes. Complete anonymity of users if they don’t want to become non-anonymous themselves. There is no need to provide to a third party any personal info to begin use cryptocurrencies. Users can have an enormous number of wallets and even use a new wallet for every single operation.

Low commission

Your bank can easily charge the $50 international transfer fees. Bitcoin network cannot.

Transaction speed

You can send money anywhere and to anyone. They will be transferred in a matter of minutes after the Bitcoin network processes the payment.

Irreversible transactions

After sending Bitcoins to the addressee, it is impossible to reverse the transaction if the recipient does not want to do it himself.


The entire information about all transactions in the BTC network is stored. This is one of the main blockchain principles. So if your wallet is public, then anyone can check transactions you’ve made and the current balance of your wallet. This is possible only if the owner of an address informs about this. Otherwise, nobody has access to the history of your transactions.

Bitcoin Wallet Types

Choosing a Bitcoin wallet is no longer just a matter of choosing security or simplicity. Experienced users often have different purses for different duties. There are some general types of Bitcoin wallets newcomers can choose from. Here is brief information concerning them:

Web-wallets (online wallets)

Web wallets are accounts with a Bitcoin wallet created on a special resource. There are many popular websites, cryptocurrency stock exchanges and other services that provide such services. The best Bitcoin wallet in Canada is provided by Blockchain Info, Coinbase, Cryptopay and Bitpay.

Mobile (installed on smartphones)

Mobile wallets are Bitcoin wallet applications that are installed on a smartphone. Payments can be made using QR codes or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, wherever you are, at any time of the day or night. There are many different applications either at Google Play or AppStore;

Local (installed on a PC or laptop)

This type of Bitcoin wallet is very similar to mobile. It is installed on a PC or laptop as an application. As well as mobile wallets, this type of Bitcoin storage needs an internet connection and a third party as a provider of the wallet.

Hardware (as a separate device)

Hardware wallets are located on a separate physical device, outwardly similar to a USB flash drive. This type of wallet is offline, therefore secure and safe. A hardware wallet doesn’t need an internet connection to store private keys. Thus, one can use hardware wallets even on jailbroken or unsecured PCs.

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How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

The procedure of the creation of a Bitcoin wallet is quite simple. Usually, it does not differ from creating an account or installing an application on a mobile device. Users should choose among popular services and decide which one to use. The further procedure needs no more than common creating an account and registration.

How To Play Bitcoin-Based Online Casino

There is no difference between common and Canadian Bitcoin casinos. Most popular casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Canadian players are familiar with Bitcoin and often use this cryptocurrency for online gambling. The only thing to decide is which Canadian Bitcoin casino to choose. Here is a shortlist of the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada:

  • PlayAmo
  • BitStarz
  • Maneki Casino
  • PlayOjo
  • ComeOn
  • BetChain

Making a deposit with Bitcoin

It is quite simple to make a deposit with Bitcoin and start playing. The first thing you need is Bitcoin itself. After creating an account at the Bitcoin casino in Canada player should transfer the needed amount from his wallet to the wallet provided by the casino. As soon as the transaction goes through, your account will be topped up. The further process does not differ from common online gambling – make your bets and enjoy the game!

Money withdrawal with Bitcoin

The money withdrawal procedure is similar to withdrawal to your bank account. Just make a withdrawal request with all information required, and casino will process your application due to its terms. Don’t forget to provide your Bitcoin address where your gainings should be transferred. 

Bitcoin-Based Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is an integral part of the modern online casino industry. Many Canadian players prefer to gamble from their mobile devices than from PC or laptops. It is convenient, affordable and very simple! Players have a wide selection of different BTC casinos that are specially adapted for mobile devices. Many of them accept Bitcoin as one of the payment and withdrawal methods. Making a deposit and further gamble with Bitcoin is no different from a similar procedure with real money. Just make a deposit, and you can start playing!

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Special Bonuses for Bitcoin casino players in Canada

Almost every online casino offers its clients a welcome bonus. Usually, it is either free spins or a 100% bonus for the first deposit. Cryptocurrency casino often offers both types of these bonuses for depositing with Bitcoin. This is why many Canadian players already chose to gamble with Bitcoin. A huge list of Canadian Bitcoin casinos with very pleasant bonuses will make your experience even more amusing and breathtaking.

How To Make a Choice Between Leading Canadian BTC Casinos

Novice players can face one frequent problem. It is about choosing the best and reliable cryptocurrency casino. The wide selection and variety of proposals are often confusing newbies. In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. Reliable Canadian Bitcoin casinos can be freely found. You just need to check the casinos’ list and find those that offer to gamble with Bitcoin. Nowadays, it is reasonable for online casinos to accept Bitcoin due to intense rivalry and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. 

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You can find the list of popular and trustworthy Canadian Bitcoin casinos at the beginning of this page. If you want to find a reliable and reputable Canadian Bitcoin casino, you should pay attention to a number of important factors. Here is the most meaningful of them:

  1. Check if the casino has a proper license. It must be issued by the appropriate authority. Gambling at a crypto casino that doesn’t have a license isn’t fully secure. Problems with deposits and withdrawal of your gainings may occur, and there is no authority to help you. In fact, casino without a license is illegal;
  2. Check available methods of making deposits. If you want to gamble with Bitcoin, make sure that chosen casino accepts it. It is better not to choose casinos that accept only cryptocurrencies. As a rule, they don’t have a license. What does it mean? Watch the first item of this list;
  3. It is necessary to check the list of games provided by the casino. Be sure that you will find the amusement to meet your needs. If you want to play slot games, seek a BTC casino with a wide variety of slots. If you are a poker player, it’s better to find a casino that offers different types of this popular card game. Table game players should look for a casino with a wide range of such games variations;
  4. Be sure to check reviews and the general history of the chosen crypto casino. How satisfied are the players? How old is the casino? Any negative feedback? Check specialized websites to find such information. It is important to know other players’ opinions before registering and depositing your money!
  5. And don’t forget about welcome bonuses. Many casinos offer bountiful bonuses for newcomers. It is always pleasurably to have a deposit bonus or some free spins just for registration. But don’t forget to check the terms and conditions attentively as there can hide some tricky points concerning unlocking these bonuses that you will not like.

Cryptocurrency Casinos Pros and Cons

Bitcoin is a very convenient and reliable payment method for online gambling. It has many advantages over the classic payment methods like cash or bank wire. But there are also a few disadvantages that may make Bitcoin look a bit less convenient.

Bitcoin Pros

  • Transaction speed. One can deposit with Bitcoin very fast. Transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain are processed quickly, so players don’t need to wait long;
  • Bonuses for making deposits with Bitcoin. Most BTC casinos offer their clients improved bonuses for gambling with Bitcoin;
  • Increased security. Bitcoin transactions are unique due to the peculiarities of this cryptocurrency. Along with 2FA, your deposits will be absolutely safe;
  • High privacy and anonymity. Players don’t need to provide their personal information like name, cc information, or other bank info. Depositing with Bitcoin equals remaining anonymous;
  • Low transaction fees. The Bitcoin system doesn’t have fixed fees. Its users are those who set the fee for the transaction, and usually, it is lower than fees for transferring money from your credit card or via bank wire;
  • High withdrawal limits. Online casinos offer the highest withdrawal limits comparing to other types of getting your gainings.

Bitcoin Cons

  • Changeable market. Bitcoin value isn’t fixed and can change very fast. So the best way to gamble with Bitcoin is to withdraw instantly after playing to avoid significant changes in the Bitcoin price;
  • Limited offer. Even though high popularity of Bitcoin, not every casino accepts it and other cryptocurrencies. But this problem can be easily solved due to the rising number of Canadian Bitcoin casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian players often ask some questions about Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoins gambling and cryptocurrencies in general. So we collected the most frequent and gave them brief answers.

Can I gamble with Bitcoin at all Canadian casinos? 

Although Bitcoin has established itself as a reliable and convenient payment method, not every Canadian casino offers to gamble with Bitcoin. But you can easily find the list of Canadian Bitcoin casinos on this page.

How is safe depositing with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a highly secured and safe method of payment. Furthermore, this cryptocurrency is decentralized. Therefore it has a significant advantage over fiat money.

How to use Bitcoin for playing poker?

Using Bitcoin to play poker is no different than gambling with Bitcoin. The Player just needs to deposit to his account in a poker room that accepts Bitcoin.

Is it legal to gamble with Bitcoin in Canada?

There are no restrictions for Bitcoin gambling in Canada. Therefore, Canadian players can freely choose between a huge list of Bitcoin casinos and enjoy their gaming experience.

Minimum amount to deposit with Bitcoin

There is no one set size for Bitcoin deposits. Instead, every single casino sets the minimum amount to deposit with Bitcoin on their own behalf.

How fast is depositing with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are instant due to the peculiarities of its system. It works on a peer-to-peer basis. Players don’t need to wait long when depositing with Bitcoin.

What games can I play at Canadian Bitcoin casinos?

There are no special rules or regulations for Bitcoin gambling. Players can enjoy any games they like and choose between such popular games as slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, etc.

How legal are crypto casinos?

A Canadian player can gamble at crypto casinos without any doubts because they are fully legal. This is because Canadian law recognizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal payment methods.